The economy is about as sluggish as a City Hall employee on a Friday afternoon, but downtown, she bangs.

About 6,000 people have moved there since 2008, according to a survey by the Downtown Center Business Improvement District and the Downtown News released today. Not all of them were hipsters.

Heck, if you believe the Los Angeles Homeless Homeless Services Authority, none of them were transients. And all those new Art Walk-attending hipsters haven't pushed out the homeless at all (yeah right). Anyway …

The median household income of the new downtownian? $83,000, according to the survey. They were also employed at a higher rate (83 percent vs. 78 percent for the average Angeleno).

About 43 percent of downtown residents work outside downtown, an increase over 2008's 36 percent. Hmm.

A majority, 55 percent, commute solo by car (so much for all that Metro rail service). Cool people are so green.

Ah, if you live downtown you're probably 32 years old, says the survey. And you're probably a girl: 54 percent of you are. (Don't all head to Seven Grand at once, guys).

You're 53 percent white, 22 percent Asian American, 18 percent Latino, and 6.5 percent black (just like Rob Schneider. We kid).

Oh, and, most importantly, you really, really want a Trader Joe's. About 92 percent of you said you'd shop there if you had one in the area.

Don't they realize that Tow Buck Chuck would just devastate Skid Row? It would be like the crack epidemic all over again. But with discount terroir.

Read all about it (PDF).


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