About a month ago we introduced you to an anonymously populated band from Beverly Hills called Jump Clubb and, well, you seemed to like them (at least, two of you, via the comments section — I believe “good shyte” and “if Justice and Dandy Warhols had a baby” were the exact words). Well, West Coast Sound still doesn't know who those masked men (man?) are (is?), but JC dropped its LP debut, The Love Of No Dance, earlier this month sans label, and it's pretty good. See?

Our commenter may not have been too far off with that digital/analog juxtaposition, as the press release refers to, “Hot Chip meets Eric's Trip… an interesting style of music that Jump Clubb has coined 'No Dance.' […] Upbeat soul and funk […] mixed with lo-fi and low energy vocals which describe tales of heartbreak and Jump Clubb's own view of their insecure and superficial hometown… a wonderful style that urges you to rethink your next trip to the dancefloor.”

So dance, or don't, to this wellspring of MP3s that represents five-sevenths of No Dance. The only songs missing are the minute-and-a-half-long “Please Excuse Us” and the well-titled “Let's Crush This Party.” That's pretty much a free album.

Jump Clubb – “Green Light” (MP3)

Jump Clubb – “A Frozen Hug” (MP3)

Jump Clubb – “The Love Of No Dance” (MP3)

Jump Clubb – “I'd Rather Be Played” (MP3)

Jump Clubb – “Spraypaint” (MP3)

According to the outfit's Twitter feed, a video for “Spraypaint” is coming, so we've that to look forward to as well. Now, if only someone could identify the man behind the hand.

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