After spotting this announcement on the door of Doughboys last week, we tracked down Terry Ickowicz, who co-manages the restaurant with Charlie Jacob, owner of the parent company.

Ickowicz confirmed that the beloved spot at 8136 West 3rd Street, which closed in 2007 allegedly due to numerous code violations (although former owner Frank Waldman gives a lengthy and somewhat different account of the story), will indeed open again soon. Very soon. The interior design and World War I doughboys-style “accoutrements” are still being worked on, but the aim is to be up and running on or by January 11.

We weren't the only ones to see the sign. Some old members of staff also noticed it and called and asked for their old jobs back, with success. Among them are Tito Ruis, the chef, and Kathy, who will once again run the front counter.

Talking of the food, we're told the menus and pricing will pretty similar to the previous incarnation (think good comfort food, brunches etc.), but that the look will be “prettier.”

According to Ickowicz, “It's all fabulous.” Get us some red velvet cake fast, and we'll agree.

LA Weekly