Flying Lotus fans will remember London's Andreya Triana from her beautifully haunting vocal turn on “Tea Leaf Dancer” from Flying Lotus' 2008 Reset EP.

As it turns out, that fortuitous appearance was one of her first, as Triana plans to release her debut album, Lost Where I Belong, via venerable U.K. electronic label Ninja Tune on September 7.

The entirety of the record was produced by downtempo wizard Bonobo, with a little help from his labelmate Fink, and is apparently part of a three-album deal.

Wise considering that, along with Stateside soul man José James, Triana represents viable new mutation in beat-based music:

An electronic/R&B hybrid that nods slightly to good, old Massive Attack tracks of yore, while borrowing more from the textures of the contemporary beat music scene.

And Triana, who sings with an impressively understated swagger, has made all the right friends to solidify her position within that sound, considering these two Lost previews come as remixes by Lotus himself, and hotly tipped Brighton producer Mount Kimbie.

Naturally, you're asking yourself: “Double download. Double complete download. [Tears of joy.] What does it mean?” Well, here are some aural answers for you.

First, Kimbie's take on Triana's debut single, “A Town Called Obsolete.”

Andreya Triana – “A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)” (edit) [MP3]

Second, Lotus' version of her subsequent single, “Lost Where I Belong.”

Andreya Triana – “Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)” (edit) [MP3]

Third, the original versions of each song, in music video form.

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