If you wanted another sign that we're all eating far, far too much junk food, consider this story from Britain's Daily Mail. There have been many UFO sightings, it seems, in the English Midlands: at least three in the last three years. But what is perhaps more remarkable than the possible UFO's themselves is the shape of the objects: reporters and experts alike have been describing them as shaped like Doritos. Not something more geometrically accurate like, say, a triangle, but the American snack item.

The most recent “Dudley Dorito” (not kidding) was sighted a week ago in the skies above Tipton, West Midlands. A previous sighting, above Boldmere in November, was described as being “four or five times the size of a commercial airliner.” A Dorito 4-5 times as big as a plane, that is. The rash of sightings in the last few years comes after the Ministry of Defense released their previously classified UFO “X-Files” in 2008, in an effort to be more transparent with UFO sightings and research.

No word on whether Frito-Lay, the American company that owns the Doritos brand, has any particular lobby in the UK, or if UFO-watchers in the middle of England favor Doritos over other locally produced chips. Somebody should probably find out.

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