10 Earl Campbell’s #20 burnt-orange ’70s University of Texas. The teenager wearing it at the Lakewood Mall didn’t have the lower body, but then again only an ox had that kind of ass.

9 Roger Staubach’s #12 blue Dallas Cowboys. This Mexican cat was throwing up the dub while wearing it at the private Westside Connection show in Agoura Hills. Blue, plain, tight.

8 Marty McSorley’s #33 black L.A. Kings. In line to buy beer at a Kings game in Staples Center when this big white dude wearing it almost crosschecked me. Reminded me of 1993 Stanley Cup run. McSorley could throw blows, but his “illegal” curved stick cost us the championship.

7 Willie McCovey’s #44 black Giants. Seen at the new Pac Bell Park in San Francisco, watching the Dodgers beat their upstate rivals. Hey, they named a cove after him.

6 Nolan Ryan’s #34 early-’80s Houston Astros. Hideous orange stripes with a big blue star. Some homeboy on Hollywood Boulevard had the matching hat to go with it. Ryan threw his fifth no-hitter in it against the Dodgers in a nationally televised game on September 26, 1981.

5 Dick Butkus’ #51 white Chicago Bears. This Hall of Fame dude could mash, and the Weekly’s Big Bad Robert Gallardo wears it well.

4 Gayle Sayers’ #40 dark-blue Chicago Bears. Rapper Xzibit sported it at a Rhyme Night event. Can’t go wrong with khakis and Chuck Taylors.

3 Magic Johnson’s #32 ’88 West All-Star. Never met Magic, but I got a picture of me with DMC from Run-DMC wearing it onstage at the House of Blues.

2 Jerry West’s #44 blue West Virginia. A hardcore Lakers fan was wearing it on the Blue Line. You know you’re badass when the NBA logo is created in your image — yes, that’s Jerry’s silhouette dribbling the ball.

Lester Hayes’ #37 black Raiders. Ice Cube asked me, “Did it come with Stick ’Em?” Na man, no Stick ’Em. But like “The Judge,” I’ll put a hit on y’all Raider Haters ’cause I wear the patch.

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