There's comfort food, and then there are utilitarian victuals. At Caioti Pizza Cafe in Studio City, a legendary salad made with the restaurant's Maternity Salad Dressing supposedly helps induce labor for expectant or overdue moms. Now, thanks to an incidental discovery by Chad Ettmueller, a structured settlement broker in Cumming, Ga, there's a sandwich capable of locking men's mouths.

Last weekend, Ettmueller took his family out for sandwiches at Which Wich, a Dallas-based restaurant chain that prides itself on its extensive menu of over 50 different sandwiches served in paper lunch bags. He hadn't eaten all day and decided to order his favorite sandwich, the “Wicked,” with double the meat (the sandwich already includes five kinds of meat and three different cheeses). The sandwich was so tall that Ettmueller dislocated his jaw in the process of preparing for his first bite. It took a few minutes of laughter before his family realized he wasn't joking, and then two hospitals and 14 hours to get the hungry man's jaw back in place.

Instead of suing the sandwich chain, Ettmueller simply asked for a replacement for the sandwich that never made it to his mouth. Ettmueller also requested that Which Wich change the name of the sandwich to something more fitting. The proposed names, “Lock-Jaw,” “Double Dislocator,” or “Jaw Wrecker” are up for debate on the company's Website and Facebook page. For those eager to test the limits of their own jaw, there's a Which Wich in Santa Ana. Too bad Frank O'Hara wasn't around– “Ettmueller's Jaw” would've made a great Lunch Poem. Get the full story from AOL.

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