There's a man with no pants on the loose in Torrance, and he could be coming to an elementary school near you.

Torrance police just released this sketch of the suspect, who exposed himself to two young girls at an intersection in front of Seaside Elementary last Wednesday. (Shouldn't indecent-exposure composites include… the criminal bits? Just a thought.)

He's Latino, around 40 years old, with short/spiky black hair and the creepiest M.O. ever, according to the police report:

The victim looked at the vehicle because it paused at the stop sign for approximately one minute. When the victim looked at the driver/ suspect through the open front window, he looked back at her and smiled without saying a word. The victim then observed that the suspect was not wearing any clothing below the waist and that he was exposed.

Dude's perv-mobile is reported as silver, old and dirty, much like its driver. If you have the misfortune of coming into contact with it/him, call Detective Marcure at (310) 618-5536.


LA Weekly