Jew wanna see a movie? The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival is back, once again ready to entertain, educate, and enlighten. They're all here on-screen: daring Jews, morose Jews, hard-working Jews, dead Jews, funny Jews, wild Jews, famous Jews, gay Jews, addicted Jews, dehydrated Jews, hungry Jews, uncircumsized Jews, dog-loving Jews, musical Jews, killer Jews, magical Jews, drug-dealing Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Nazi Jews (!), Jews in love, Jews in New York, Jews in L.A., Jews in France, Jews in space, Jews in the American Civil War, and Jews on the baseball diamond. And that's just for starters. This year the films have been divided into four categories: conflicts and issues, tradition and identity, history and legacy, and inspiration. Celebrities and many of the filmmakers will be in attendance. We're hoping that maybe one of these years, the event organizers will get Hebe Brew to be a sponsor. (If you don't believe that this is an actual beer, stop by your local BevMo!) And remember: Jew don't have to be a member of the tribe to have a fantabulous time at this festival. Thurs., May 5 through May 12. For locations, show times and ticket info, go to

May 5-12, 2011

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