Donald Trump hasn't been shy when courted by gay-friendly Hollywood (The Apprentice, et. al.), and he certainly has more fake hair than Ru Paul, but that doesn't mean he can't make a stand that defies logic.

The day after same-sex couples descended on the L.A. County Clerk's office to try to tie the knot in a Valentine's demonstration against California's much-loathed ban on gay marriage, Trump weighed in.

“… I'm not in favor of gay marriage,” he told Fox News.

Of course, the Donald is considering a run for president next year, so he's got to choose sides. The told Fox he's a “very conservative Republican.”

Really? You own the Miss USA pageant, which has women dressing this close to being featured dancers at a strip club and many stylists and advisers who are anything but breeders, and all of a sudden you're down with Sarah Palin?

Okay Donald. We know the game. You veer right to go for the Republic nomination (good luck), then bend back to the center if you make it to the general election.

But know this: In California, we won't forget. As far as we're concerned, you're fired.

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