As one of the DOGMA 95 brethren and co-signatory of the Vow of Chastity, I felt moved to confess to the following transgressions of the aforesaid Vow during the production of DOGMA #1 – The Celebration. Please note that the film has been approved as a DOGMA work, as only one genuine breach of the rules has actually taken place. The rest may be regarded as moral breaches.

I confess to having made one take with a black drape covering a window. This is not only the addition of a property, but must also be regarded as a kind of lighting arrangement.

I confess to having knowledge of a pay rise that served as cover for the purchase of Thomas Bo Larsen's suit for use in the film.

Similarly I confess to having knowledge of purchases made by Trine Dyrholm and Therese Glahn of the same nature.

I confess to having set in train the construction of a nonexistent hotel reception desk for use in The Celebration. It should be noted that the structure consisted solely of components already present at the location.

I confess that Christian's mobile or cellular telephone was not his own. But it was present at the location.

I confess that in one take, the camera was attached to a microphone boom, and thus only partially hand-held.

I hereby declare that the rest of DOGMA #1 – The Celebration was produced in accordance with the Vow of Chastity.

Pleading for absolution, I remain,

Thomas Vinterberg

LA Weekly