If you're bored silly this Sunday afternoon, or maybe so hungover from Jonathan Gold's Speakeasy Cocktail Party that you still have your cocktalian suspenders and cloche hat on (don't want to know), you might consider wandering over to The Foundry for the beer lunch that chef-owner Eric Greenspan is putting together. No, Greenspan will not be dueling grilled cheese or chicken with Ludo, nor will he be dressed in black and sporting pantyhose on his head (well, at least we don't think so; you never know). This time Greenspan will instead be doing somewhat more normal cheffy things, like preparing a five course menu to pair with Dogfish Head's beers.

The lunch is to celebrate LA Beer Week, and will be hosted by Gev Kazanchyan and Randy Clemens of Dionicess VII. When we called him up, Greenspan said (loudly, as is his wont) that it will officially be five courses — to pair with five beers — but for him that really means eight, with some “surprise courses” to go with the beers, some of which, he says, have previously been unavailable to the public here in Los Angeles. Greenspan said some other things, involving Pulitzer prizes and Rick Bayless, but we're not going to tell you about that. And not because they weren't perfectly nice things, but because they were a little off-topic, even for us. Want more details on the man, the food or the beers, you're going to have to ask Greenspan yourself. Or go eat some lunch this weekend.

Dogfish Head Beer Lunch: At , 7465 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 651-0915. From 1 – 4 p.m., Sunday, October 10th. $79 includes food and drink. Call the restaurant for details.

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