On one of the scariest days for L.A. crime in recent memory, a less publicized (but still very insane) little life-death drama was playing out in West Hollywood.

Around 2:45 p.m., master Twitpic artist Scott Potasnik snapped a photo of a black dog who had just attempted to jump off a second-story balcony on Beverly near Oakwood…

… but was saved at the last second when a single back paw got stuck in the railing.

OK, so we're not entirely sure the poor thing was suicidal. It's just hard not to personify a pose so tragically human, no? Potasnik gave a play-by-play on his Twitter feed:

So the community rescue effort apparently went off without a hitch (the decked-out L.A. County Animal Services rescue team didn't even need to intervene!), and our balcony-jumper got a second shot at life. A little like the story of the naked man who threatened to jump from a downtown L.A. radio tower last week, but without the entire L.A. Fire Department waiting below, waggling McDonald's at him as life bait. You know — cuddly small-time WeHo version.

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