Doechii with the SZA Kick: Tampa artist Doechii has joined forces with Grammy winner SZA for a powerful new version of the song “Persuasive.”

“I created ‘Persuasive; to uplift people and bring communities together, so having SZA jump on the song was a perfect fit because I’ve always connected with others over her music,” Doechii said in a statement. “Knowing that SZA is with TDE was what originally got me most excited about being on this label, so now that we have a song together it’s a full-circle moment. She really ATE! This collaboration is everything I always imagined it to be.”

The song opens with the refrain, “She’s so persuasive, that marijuana, she’s so flirtatious, (how does it feel to be you?),” before the pair take turns explaining exactly why “she’s” so persuasive.

According to the press release, “The upbeat R&B anthem showcases the newcomer’s impressive ability to relay complex emotions, fluttering feelings, and immaculate vibes through her singular vocal performances. The addition of SZA to ‘Persuasive,’ an ode to the perfect high, makes the song even more intoxicating.”

Doechii with the SZA Kick: “Persuasive” by Doechii feat. SZA is out now.


Press bio:

“In recent weeks, Doechii’s name has soared due to unrivaled TV performances such as her mashup of ‘Persuasive’ and ‘Crazy’ on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and her performance at the BET Awards which earned a rave review from Vulture. ‘Doechii’s fiery performance didn’t just snatch her own wig,” they mused. ‘It snatched everybody’s.’ Doechii has dominated the internet since the release of her unwaveringly original EPs—2020’s Oh the Places You’ll Go, featuring the viral smash ‘Yucky Blucky Fruitcake,’ and 2021’s BRA-LESS. This new release continues a hot streak for Doechii following the brazen ‘Bitch I’m Nice’ and rebellious ‘Crazy.’ Now, SZA jumps into the fold of the rising hit to create an irresistible version of ‘Persuasive.’ Singing alongside one of her label’s most distinguished stars, Doechii more than holds her own—she proves she has an unparalleled voice all her own.”


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