Doechii Goes Crazy: Tampa, FL rapper Doechii has released new single and video “Crazy.” This isn’t the Patsy Cline song, nor Seal, not Aerosmith, nor (certainly) Gnarls Barkley.

“Crazy is about un-contained power, creativity and confidence,” Doechii said in a statement. “People call you crazy when they fear you or they don’t understand you. So when I use it in the song I’m reflecting that energy back on them to show them themselves.”

The song is wild. Doechii comes in hot from the start when she spits, “Y’all calling me crazy, When a b**ch been ballin’ all day, like Brady, Long hair this wavy, And a b**ch been shopping all day, No Macy’s.”

When the chorus arrives, is slaps you on the face like Will Smith. The bass gets heavier, and Doechii screams, “Crazy, got ’em going crazy, None these hating ass b**ches gon’ phase me (Like crazy).”

It’s an intense tune, with a video to match. The artist and her friends are in nude suits in some sort of factory setting, smashing up cars and the like.

“On ‘Crazy’ the Tampa rapper, singer, dancer, fashionista, and genre-disruptor attacks with aggressive flexes, colorful cadences and shouted raps while conveying a range of intense emotions,” reads the press release. “The vicious and surreal music video matches the song’s controlled chaos. Doechii, and likewise nude women, wield guns, dance in dynamic choreography and engage in destruction. The hybrid of hip-hop and broken beat finds Doechii raging as she attempts to empower the exponential capacity of women in every form of their being.”

Doechii’s “Crazy” single is out now.


LA Weekly