Starting tonight, the Dodgers host the Yankees for a rare three-game interleague series. The two teams have met 11 times in the World Series, so naturally the Dodgers are looking to cash in on fan nostalgia.

Instead of selling regular single-game tickets, the Dodgers forced fans who want to see the Yankees to buy multi-game packages. The move drew fire from consumer advocates:

“Forcing people to buy several game packages just rules out most folks from being able to attend a Dodgers versus Yankees game,” said Mark Reback, a public advocate for the Santa Monica-based group Consumer Watchdog.

The Dodgers initially required fans to buy 14-game packages, then cut it to seven-game packages. The team insisted in its promotions that single-game tickets would not be sold.

Well, if you saw through that and held out, congratulations. You can now buy single-game tickets on the Dodgers website.

Apparently, the Dodgers were unable to sell out the games using the multi-day packages.

According to City News Service, this is the first time the Dodgers have used such restrictions in their 53 years in Los Angeles.

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