Looks like Dodgers fans aren't just dishing out the hooliganism these days. A pregnant woman and her brother, both apparently Dodgers fans, were hospitalized after they were beaten, allegedly by Angels fans, following an exhibition game between L.A. and the Angels at Angels Stadium.

A blogger's account of the dust-up described it as a fan-based outbreak of violence that put the woman and her brother in the hospital. The game was March 29. Both victims were released from the hospital within 24 hours, police said.

Sgt. Rick Martinez of the Anaheim Police Department downplayed the clash, saying …

… both groups got into it over which team was superior. (In other words, he indicated, both sides appeared to duke it out. This wasn't a home-team party's beat down of opposing fans, per se).

A poster at thedirty.com says the woman, 7-months pregnant, jumped in after her brother, in a Dodgers shirt, was jumped by a group of four Angels fans walking behind them and taunting them.

The woman was kicked and pummeled while she was down, according to the blog. Her companion, said to be her husband, jumped in too and helped to break it up.

The poster states that the woman …

… Started going into labor prematurely and the baby is being given medication to help his lungs develop. His heart rate keeps falling though and doctors are unsure about whether he's going to make it.

The blog has her brother as having also been injured. Cops say it was her boyfriend who was hospitalized.

Martinez of Anaheim PD:

There was a fight between two groups of opposing fans. It was a result of some comments made regarding one team and then the victims said something worse about the opposing team, which escalated to a physical confrontation.

As a result the male had a laceration under his eye with bruising. Both victims were treated released.

While cops were indeed looking for the other party, he said the victims gave them little to go on in terms of physical descriptions.

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