The second phase of the Dodger divorce trial won't be heard for at least another year, Jamie McCourt's lawyers said today.

Speaking after a brief court appearance, Dennis Wasser said it will take at least that long for attorneys on both sides to prepare.

“The discovery on the second phase is not simple,” he said. “It'll take a long time and it will cost a lot of money.”

That is sure to frustrate anybody hoping for a quick resolution to the biggest legal soap opera in baseball.

After the first trial last fall, Judge Scott Gordon invalidated a marital agreement that would have given the Dodgers to Frank McCourt. But it will take a second trial to determine if Jamie owns half the team.

Frank McCourt's lawyers have said they think that could be done quickly, and that Frank will prevail. Outside court today, Sorrell Trope said he expected such a trial could be held within a matter of months.

But Jamie's lawyers say it will take much longer than that to dig through 35 years of McCourt corporate history. The trial itself could take as much as 30 days, Wasser said.

Fresh off their victory in Round 1, Jamie's side is pressing for a settlement — and they may be exaggerating the expense and delay of a second trial to pressure Frank to come to the negotiating table.

“For the good of the family, the team, and the community, this case must be resolved,” Wasser said. “If this discovery continues, I don't think there's any hope for the family or for the Dodgers.”

In the meantime, Wasser said to expect a few “skirmishes” over such things as access to Dodger financial records.

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