A Southern California doctor is out of a job for now after the state Medical Board recently revoked his license.

What did he do, allegedly? Well, let's just say five of his patients claim he was playing doctor — and they didn't want to play. Some alleged he fondled their private parts during regular checkups. In one case a woman said the doc touched her nipples as her mother waited in the same room. Apparently not clear on what, exactly, was happening, the mom said, “You're hurting her.”

In fact David Hung Do of Anaheim Hills has been charged with sexually assaulting victims at Kaiser Permanente locations throughout Southern California, according to board documents.

The assaults allegedly took place between 2006 and 2008.

In his defense before the board, the 40-year-old from Saigon said his lack of English skills might have complicated patient relationships and led to misunderstandings.

He even told the board he completed his residency at Kaiser despite the hardship of having a sexual misconduct claim over his head — a claim that was not upheld.

Hmm. Here are some of the details:

Beware the exam table.; Credit: Maggie Osterberg

Beware the exam table.; Credit: Maggie Osterberg

One of the incidents cited in the board's report alleges that Do did not wear gloves during an Ob/Gyn pelvic exam in which he touched a woman's vagina.

In a 2006 incident at a Kaiser Los Angeles location, Do allegedly gave a unrequested breast exam to a 26-year-old woman who said “it seemed like forever” and indicated the doctor's hand was trembling.

He also allegedly “examined” her vagina with a bare finger, which the victim said was moving with a “twirling” motion.

She later called the hospital to complain. The woman was said to be in tears. Do was warned that if such allegations happened again he could be terminated.

In a 2007 incident at a Kaiser in La Palma 27-year-old woman claimed the doc grabbed her breast while checking her heart rate and later grabbed her vagina for no stated reason.

A 21-year-old UCLA student complained the next year that, after she came in for a regular check-up, the doc asked if he could give her breast and vaginal examinations after telling her to disrobe. After consenting she said he fingered her vagina with a trembling, gloved hand.

The young woman, whose mom worked for Kaiser, filed a civil suit against the provider.

The same year a 46-year-old woman claimed that Do pressed his erect-but-clothed penis against her during an exam — and that it was the occasion on which this had happened.

A 30-year-old to came to a Kaiser location in Anaheim to get checked out after a car accident alleged that Do grabbed both her nipples as her mother, apparently not watching, was in the room. She called the cops.

James Ahler, the board's administrative law judge, concluded that Do conducted examinations that “were not medically indicated.”

Ya think?

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