You know whenever you go to the ER (because you probably can't afford insurance and the ER is your primary care) there's always an interesting mix of doctors there and while you wait the standard seven hours to get someone to write you a prescription for antibiotic drops for your pink eye you start fantasizing about what their lives must be like once they take off the scrubs and, you know, chill? And you see an exotic young woman with interesting hair and you think to yourself, “I bet she's a doctor by day (and the nights she's on call) but the rest of the time she is a sultry songstress in a ragtag world music combo who plays dusty, wood-lined rooms where the smoking ban might be flouted, and they kind of sound a little like Pink Martini and a little like Manu Chao, but less yuppie-dinner-party like.”


Meet Rupa & The April Fishes, who will be presenting their second album, Este Mundo, at The Mint tomorrow night.

San Francisco physician Rupa and her gypsy band of fellow musical travelers will be performing more of their songs about “life, love, art, death and the real and artificial divisions that keep us apart” in English, French, and Spanish.

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