The small island nation of Jamaica has exported a huge variety of musical styles to the world. Sure, stoners worldwide get baked under Marley posters and are down with reggae, and thanks to ambient and indie crossovers the mighty Dub resonates from Switzerland to Timbuktu. There's also ska, mento, rocksteady and dancehall.

And then there's Niyabinghi.

Niyabinghi (in any of its spelling variations) is ritual music from Rastafarian ceremonies called “grounations.” It involves chanting and drumming and can elevate listeners even if they haven't partaken of the sacramental amounts of ganja that are involved in the rituals.

Tonight, Dub Club at the Echoplex presents Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus, the most amazing Niyabinghi crew responsible for must-have records Dadawah – Peace & Love + Nyahbinghi (1974) and Peace and Love (1975). Dub legend Scientist is announced as “mixer” for the show.

Ras Michael lives in LA now, where he is one of the forces behind the local Rastafarian International/Marcus Garvey Culture Center.

We can't overemphasize this: reggae shows are a dime a dozen in the Southland–this one is special. Go.

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