Sadly, the immigration woes of Dublab DJ and L.A. beat scene contributor Kutmah rage on, but the HVW8 gallery/collective has released an apropos pick-me-up.

The free Blazt Off digital mixtape is assembled by Kutmah, and features choice tracks from the three principle members of Master Blazter, a supergroup of sorts featuring D-F (a.k.a. Dâm-Funk), Computer Jay and J1.

The outfit has been credited as Funk's backing band in the past, but this seems to suggest something more official may come from what began as impromptu jam sessions at the HVW8 space on Melrose last year.

Further evidence that things are shaping up for MB:

Download Blazt Off by right-clicking here. Art and track-listing below.

Blazt Off, mixed by DJ Kutmah

01. “Water” – J1

02. “Funktronic” – Computer Jay

03. “Feel in The Blank” – J1

04. “Just Wanna Ride” – D-F

05. “Rescue” – J1

06. “Show Me The Way” – D-F

07. “She Lights Me Up” – D-F

08. “Slang Talk” – J1

09. “44th Chamber” – J1

10. “I Dont Just Do Beats..I Do music” – D-F

11. “Thunder Horns” – Computer Jay

12. “I was Wrong..I Take It Back” – Computer Jay

13. “Maintain” – Computer Jay

14. “Visa Stamp” – Computer Jay

15. “Whip” – Computer Jay

16. “Sunny” – J1

17. “Bearclaw” – Computer Jay

18. “Phantom” – Computer Jay

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