DJ Holographic Brought the Detroit Life to Coachella: Detroit DJ and producer DJ Holographic got her start in the biz 12 years ago, something that she says naturally developed from her musical education in her hometown.

“From a child, I listened to radio constantly which was such an important part of Detroit life, and that was how I learnt about Motown, soul, R&B and all types of genres” she says. “I always wanted to have music in my life and learn how to mix it myself, and it’s something that I loved and so always carried with me.”

Today, she describes her sound and style as super-eclectic.

“No two sets of mine are the same and I mix up so many genres depending on the gig I’m playing,” Holographic says. “I love spanning Chicago house, disco, R&B, soul, Detroit techno, electro – I love the crowd to feel like they don’t know where the set will take them next. In a way my sound reflects my name – it’s holographic and totally multifaceted.”

Holographic admits that the pandemic was tough to deal with.

“It forced me to slow down completely in a way I’d not experienced for so long since I’ve been touring as a DJ,” she says. “I’d completely forgotten what having an unplanned and unscheduled stretch of time was like which I had to manage myself and it was completely disorientating. I missed traveling and connecting with the crowd so much but then on the plus side it allowed me solitude and self-reflection which is so important too. I was also able to focus on my production and I launched my own record label in Detroit, called Hitchiker Records in a way I’m so grateful and thankful for the time and space it allowed me for growth.”

“Prior to her Coachella sets, the artist was excited about performing.

“You have to be there to experience it but I will aim for the crowd to feel a sense of togetherness with everyone around them — to bring that priceless feeling of being in an intimate club to one of the world’s best festivals,” she says. “Expect to have the most fun on a festival dancefloor you’ve had since the pandemic — let’s make memories to last a lifetime together. Playing Coachella is a huge milestone and complete honour so I’m going to give it 1000000-and-10% — I’m so excited to see as many of you there as possible at my set!”

Following that, she has plenty planned for the remainder of 2022.

“I’ve been touring like crazy since shows opened back up and this is my priority right now, to connect with as many crowds as I can and take every opportunity that comes my way,” Holographic says. “I’ll be spending the summer in Europe and the UK in July and August for a period which I’m really excited about. In between shows I’ll be working on new music and getting back to playing on the radio as much as I can.”

DJ Holographic Brought the Detroit Life to Coachella: DJ Holographic performed at Coachella 2022. 

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