Conro Just Wants to Luv: Electronic producer Conro has been writing and producing since he was just a kid.

“Around grade 11-12 I wrote and recorded an acoustic/folk type album and played in some bands until around 2010,” he says. “Then I started focusing very seriously when I release my first record in 2012. I just loved writing and recording and focused all my attention on that.”

Today, he describes his sound as “dance/alternative/pop.” He admits that he had a rough time during the pandemic.

I had a hard time motivating myself and felt kinda sad,” he says. “But I’ve been channeling those feelings this year into my music and it’s been great to share some of those hard feelings!”

His latest single is “just wanna luv.”

It’s a romantic narrative of self-acceptance, climbing out of our deepest ruts, and loving yourself the same way those around you do,” he says.

Looking ahead, he’s going to be focussing on writing and producing.

Just getting my rhythm back and sharing my journey and writing with others,” he says. “Trips to L.A. and home mainly!”

Conro Just Wants to Luv: Conro’s “just wanna luv” single is out now.

Press bio:

“Canada-born Conor Patton, better known as Conro, developed a passion for music, surrounded by a loving and supportive family with a deep-rooted passion for music. Adopting elements from his early childhood music education, Conro shaped a catchy signature sound in dance music with his upbeat, electro house tracks. Conro received a wave of praise from his electro house and future bass production style. With his Connecting The Dots EP, Conro unveiled the first of many chart-toppers in his future in “Close,” which hit Billboard’s Dance Airplay Chart at #17. Though this style of music has brought him plenty of success, Conrochose to follow a style that aligned with his core ethos he wanted to convey to a wider audience: a vibrant, funky, and instrumentation-driven soundscape while implementing his own impressive vocals.  From his newly forged sound, Conro has amassed a collection of hit tracks that display his musical versatility. With the release of “Me,” Conro saw firsthand the impact of his music worldwide. His success only grew with “Take Me There” breaking way rising to #12 on Billboard’s Dance Airplay Chart, shortly followed by “Trippin” rising to #7.”

LA Weekly