When you really love food, you love eating it, talking about it, making plans to consume it and at times, wearing it. Usually that means a bit of mustard on the blouse, but in this case we mean as an accessory. Someone has to draw the line at chile-pepper print pants though.

As obsessives ourselves, when we saw Pineappple Sauce Knits from 3D animator Ashley Gerst, we knew we'd found a kindred spirit. She designs, makes and sells food-themed knit projects. You can get a salad scarf or sushi roll magnets or a bunch of grapes. Our hands-down favorite is for sure the carrot scarf — it's just so terribly chic .

Happily Gerst also sells some of her original patterns for less than $5 — and if you know your way around needles and yarn, you can make your very own. We suggest ordering the totally kosher, shrimp scampi scarf.

If you buy the pattern, you do need yarn and a basic understanding of how to knit and purl, but it's no harder than mastering a good recipe. You just need to follow the directions. Unlike a recipe, with yarn, if you make any kind of mistake, you can unravel what you've done and start over. Not so much with that Bûche de Noël.

Between the latkes and jelly donuts, that Christmas ham and the upcoming New Years Champagne, it'll be nice to have something cozy and warm that's just a little less caloric.

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