Los Angeles rock quartet Division Day has undergone a metamorphosis. Their new album, Visitation, hits the streets and interwebs today and highlights an evolution in sound. Not one of those, Jeff-Goldblum-becomes-a-fly-and-grosses-out-Gina-Davis mutations but more like Brandon-Lee-turning-into-the-Crow, a change both melancholy and explosive. Visitation wanders into darker territory than the 2006 Beartrap Island, but sacrifices none of the thickly layered melodies that define Division Day's grandiose jams. As for the darker turn, perhaps its the production by Beck/NIN bassist, Justin Meldal-Johnsen. “We decided to embrace [the darker tone] with the goal of making the overall album something cohesive and distinct – something really 'us' that reflected who we are now,” guitarist Ryan Wilson told West Coast Sound.

Or maybe Black metal had to do something with it. “I've listened to nothing but metal for the last year and a half, maybe almost two years,” singer Rohner Segnitz told L.A. Weekly. Don't expect double kicks or viking themes, because Visitations still encompasses the fun and slightly dancey elements that Division Day does so well, ensuring that the album is not just for Hot Topic shoppers.

Division Day – “Chalk Lines” (MP3)

Division Day plays for the hometown Spaceland crowd with rock duo Bad Veins September 2nd.

First, take a gander at this fan video.

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