In 2007, writer Shelley Leopold called Push “the thinking man's graf artist” in a piece for L.A. Weekly, predicting that while only a select few were privy to his work at the time, “someday, when he decides the time is right, these pieces will be introduced to the world via a gallery.”

That time is now.

On Friday night, LA Weekly hosted a reception to celebrate the opening of Divided Attention, the first solo exhibit by the artist, at Known Gallery on Fairfax.

Push is a member of the Seventh Letter crew, an L.A.-based street art collective. He's a self-taught painter as well as sculptor who, until now, has mostly exhibited within a group. Regarding why he chose to step into the spotlight, Push says, “I want to show something that is natural, balanced, and thought out. And timing is everything.”

Divided Attention features colorful mosaic-style paintings on wood that feel almost puzzle-like, eluding a focal point, keeping eyes on the move. As Leopold put it, “Trying to define Push's work is unfair, and nearly impossible. It's easier to say it's like nothing else: informed by postmodern abstract splatter paintings, yet rigid, neon and precise.”In addition to the pieces displayed, Push also painted installations at the gallery both on an interior wall, as well as on the building's façade .Divided Attention runs through Nov. 13th. Check for further details.

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