A small group of educators is pissed that California's epic cuts to its higher education system don't seem to be affecting diversity programs as much as the rest.

This amid reports that UC students could see $22,000-year tuition within four years. Of course, that kind of cost increase pretty much hits everyone's wallet. But still, the anti-affirmative-action brigade is using the state's dire financial straights to single out minorities on campus once again.

According to Fox 11 News:

California universities have gutted programs and hiked tuition in this tough economy, but they're not touching what critics call their “Diversity Machine”… staff and programs dedicated to campus multi-culturalism.

California Universities' Diversity Machine Under Fire: MyFoxLA.com

In fact, as on-campus programs are shrinking, the station, owned by conservative Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., says it has found instances of (gasp) diversity hiring:

Among the new positions: UCSD created a new Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; UCLA recently added an Assistant Dean for Campus Climate and a Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity; and UC Irvine's chancellor recently vowed not to cut its diversity programs during hard times.

The horror. The station's on-air report quoted critics who noted that while more fundamental programs saw cuts, the likes of ethnic studies programs were cruising along.

Of course, they fail to mention that while people with Latino and African American roots pay their fair share of taxes, they are woefully underrepresented at UC and state college campuses.

You could say that even with the alleged protection of these programs, the state's white kids get more than their fair share of public education.

What do you think?


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