Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo today added details to announced plans to upgrade the Disneyland-adjacent California Adventure. The biggest part of the plan is to add a 12-acre theme area, Cars Land, named for the animated hit Cars.

With features including the Radiator Springs Racers, destined to take visitors around the grounds when Cars Land opens in 2012, it's a start. But we think the struggling Anaheim destination could use more realistic Golden State features, such as the following:

-Taco Truck Land: Choose your lunch from a variety of trucks, some featuring trendy Korean bulgogi, others manned by not-so-sanitary workers. So eat wisely — and quickly — because the county is ready to write a ticket to trucks that stick around for too long.

-Capital City: Where an oversize gubernatorial character talks a big game about cutting the state budget and whipping the legislature into shape but finds little success when it comes to these goals.

-City Hall Kingdom: Where an undersized mayor talks a big game about taking over the school district but has little success. He is good, however, at attracting news cameras and news reporters.

-Inland Empire: A collection of new and recently abandoned homes.

-David Geffen's Malibu Playground: A small walkway between ginormous mansions.

LA Weekly