GO Summer brings with it undeniable dance club delights, namely, poppin’ patio shindigs by day and skimpy-as-ya-wanna-be nights. This week, we shine some rays on the former, so slather on the SPF, party people. DIM MAK’S POOL PARTY PART 2, sees the label’s second daytime soiree of the season at the Standard Downtown, featuring sets by Switch, South Rakkas Crew, Them Jeans, Dan Oh and surprise guests (always good ’uns). Characteristically ironic contests for “best Speedo” and “best groomed chest hair.”

550 South Flower St., dwntwn; Sat., July 18, 2-8 p.m. RSVP for discounted cover to partyline@dimmak.com.

Sunday afternoons offer something for the playas and the gayas. First, SWAGGER comes to Silver Lake, with a new boy-heavy but mixed afternoon affair from Paul V. (Bootie LA) and Rusty Updegraff (Beige). Matt Cornwall (Fubar) and V. spin a spirited sound selection, and a food menu is served into the night.

At Barbarella Bar, 2609 N. Hyperion Ave.; every Sun., 4-11 p.m. www.barbarellabar.com.

And finally, if you’ve never been to THE DO-OVER and you like to dance, all we gotta say is, do it, do it, do it. This laid-back but lively hip-hop/funk/soul jammer is hands-down (and up in the air) the best summer party out there. So much so, that the biggest and best DJs pop in every week. It’s always a mystery ’til you get there, but we’ve yet to hear a “don’t” on the “do” decks. And don’t be late, because the lines get long, early.

At Crane’s, 1611 N. El Centro Ave., Hlywd; every Sun., 2-10 p.m. www.thedoover.net.

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