The words “modern” and “gothic” wouldn’t have made sense if put together in one sentence until Tim Burton revived the macabre-loving household— The Addams Family. As you have probably already seen by now, and as the title implies, the new Netflix series focuses on the daughter, Wednesday. There are also a few “Easter eggs”, odes, and references that you might’ve missed.

Check out a few “Easter eggs” you might’ve noticed or missed. If you haven’t seen it yet — spoiler alert!

A familiar…face?

In the basement of the Nightshades, a safe where the document about Wednesday’s case was hidden behind a portrait of another relative of the Addams. It’s none other than their beloved Cousin Itt. His hair for a face is seen in the portrait along with the title “Ignatius Itt.”

Wednesday vs. Wednesday

One of the most well-known roles Christina Ricci portrayed was her iconic take on Wednesday. Well, she’s back! This time, she’s no longer Wednesday— she passed the torch to Jenna Ortega who did not disappoint us. Christina Ricci is now cast as Marilyn Thornhill, the “dorm mom” of Ophelia Hall.

Edgar Allan Poe

There are plenty of Edgar Allan Poe references you might’ve noticed, but there are a lot more than you might’ve not caught. “The Poe Cup” may be one of the most obvious ones along with the poet’s statue, but one discreet homage is Wednesday’s boarding school, “Nevermore Academy.” It’s a nod to the writer’s The Raven— the story about the bird who incessantly croaked “Quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore.”

Why they “Hyde” from the monster

We won’t give away the plot twist in this series, but The Hyde monster is one of the antagonists on Wednesday. It’s a shapeshifting entity that, according to Uncle Fester, transforms into a monster through drugs or hypnosis. When the sinister creature is in his human form, he’s mostly a regular guy. Does this type of character sound familiar? That’s because it’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference!

Pugsley and his apple

In the first episode of the Netflix series Wednesday, Pugsley was found by his sister inside the locker all tied up with an apple stuck in his mouth. Just like in the 1991’s Addams Family where Wednesday was shooting an arrow at his brother who was also biting down the same fruit.

That dance. Yes, THAT dance!

Have you uploaded your version of Wednesday’s dance on TikTok yet? Did you nail that little footwork bit? That dance step was performed by several Wednesdays before. It’s an ode to the 1964’s series where little Wednesday was teaching the dance step called “the drew” to Lurch.

Wednesday the Netflix series and Addams family members sure have a fascination for all things gothic, macabre, and mysterious. So, how many “Easter eggs” from the Netflix series Wednesday did you catch?



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