This morning Twitter user @denisbaranov asked for summary of Barack Obama's speech, specifically one without subjectivity (since most of the amateur punditry concerned the “You lie” outburst from a now infamous Senator from South Carolina, Joe Wilson).

We went straight to the L.A. Times transcription of the speech and then searched Twitter for the reactions of L.A. users. The frequency of retweets made us realize that the @BarackObama account was live tweeting during the speech (obviously, we're not following him). So, Denis Baranov, it would seem that the closest thing you'll get to a summary are the tweets of @barackobama himself. (Well maybe not “himself” per se, but some nimble fingered staffer from the DNC nonetheless.)

Ever the “Twitter angle” takers, Mashable wrote a post this morning about how the reactions of the tweeters could be gleaned from a sample taken by Internet search firm Crimson Hexagon.

Credit: Chart courtesy Crimson Hexagon via

Credit: Chart courtesy Crimson Hexagon via

As far a subjectivity is concerned, Twitter's got the market cornered on opinions. Here are some of the standouts:

And, perhaps our favorite, the latest meme with a Twitter account, the Obama Joker Poster weighed in:

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