When's the last time someone asked if you wanted a burger and a milkshake, and you jumped up and down, screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kids love burgers, and we were fortunate enough to catch up with Jacob, a 6 year-old foodie with a diverse palate and deep, passionate love of food. We took Jacob out to eat one of his favorite burgers, the In-N-Out double double, simultaneously, with the much loved Father's Office burger (don't worry, he loves things like bleu cheese, arugula and caramelized onions). Unfortunately, Jacob isn't allowed inside Father's Office for another 15 years, so we took both burgers outside and he ate them picnic style.

So what does he think of the Father's Office burger? “Yummy. I taste, like, a sauce. It's kind of like bacon.” He takes a bite of the In-N-Out burger. “This is really yummy too. It's cheesier.” So which one does he like better? “Father's Office. Because it tastes like bacon. And the blue cheese is better too. But I like the bun at In-N-Out better.”

He slurped down his vanilla-strawberry milkshake from In-N-Out and happily chomped his Father's Office fries. Then a few minutes later, he started to change his mind. “Actually…the Father's Office one was better at first. But sometimes it changes. Sometimes it's not as yummy. But In-N-Out is yummy the whole time. So I like Father's Office better.” He seemed to note some inconsistencies, then took a few more bites of each. “But you know what? Neither of them is as good as the one at Golden State. That's the best.” Uh-oh. Sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown.

Father's Office, 3229 Helms Ave., L.A., (310) 736-2224., In-N-Out Burger, 9245 W. Venice Blvd., L.A., (800) 786-1000.

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