Devo Say Farewell at the YouTube Theater: Apparently this is Devo’s farewell tour after 50 years of post-punk, new wave joy. If they want to retire and relax, they’ve certainly earned it. Forgive us, though, for being skeptical after years of seeing bands retire and then reunite, time after time. If they do indeed really mean it, then we’d all better grasp this chance to whip it one more time. Because they don’t make ‘em like Devo anymore. 

“Rising from the industrial wasteland of Northeastern Ohio in the early 1970’s, DEVO endured and catapulted to international success by the decade’s end,” reads the press release. “A band of brothers (Mark and Robert Mothersbaugh / Gerald and Robert Casale), they put the “new” in the music revolution of the 80’s labeled New Wave. DEVO’s synergistic mix of electronic rock, unparalleled theatrical live shows and groundbreaking music-videos such as the MTV smash hit, “Whip It,” unleashed a multi-media art assault that continues to resonate in contemporary pop culture. They are here to remind us that De-evolution is real!”

“We decided at the very beginning of Devo that we wanted to address something that was bothering us,” Mark Mothersbaugh told us last year. “That was, why humans behaved the way they do on this planet. When I was 19, I read this book called The Population Bomb, and basically the guy just said ‘do the math.’ Humans will have eaten and consumed everything on the planet by the year 2050 at the rate the population is expanding. He said that most likely, Earth will strike back with a virus and probably eliminate the human race. We’re kind of at that place. It’s the kind of thing that people should talk about. Jerry found a book called In the Beginning Was the End. He was a crackpot Yugoslavian anthropologist, but we liked the idea that he was questioning whether humans were even sane. We might be the only unnatural species on the planet and out of touch with nature. Nature was in danger of us. We liked that as a concept.”

Devo Say Farewell at the YouTube Theater: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 16 at the YouTube Theater.









































































































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