If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get your life – both physical and metaphysical – in order, the newest podcast from More Hustle is it.

Wellness educator, meditation teacher, Reiki healer and author Devi Brown joins hosts Brian Calle and Neferteri Plessy for an engaging and enlightening conversation on personal fulfillment, community unity and blossoming into your true self with the time you are given.

“I’ve been having the chance lately to just observe myself and notice where the fibers of God’s grace have always plugged in my life, over my lifetime,” Devi tells the hosts. “I’ve always been deeply self-inquisitive. I’ve always been really, really connected to my feelings – or figuring them out, or wanting to figure out the way that people operate, both in trauma and in their healing. I’m an only child raised by a single parent, so the nature of that really lends to this very internal experience of your world. So that’s been the big overall theme of my life.”

Brian and Nef can identify with Devi’s life-shaping childhood, having been raised by single mothers themselves. The duality of it – both the challenges and the victories – leaves you with lessons that you carry through life.

“In the beginning of my life I was a latchkey kid, so there was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders that I didn’t have language for really that young. [That responsibility] required a lot of self-investigation to figure out,” says Devi.

Responsibility can be heavy for young minds, and her maturity in being able to meet and succeed what was required of her ignited a drive and a hustle in her that arguably set the stage for the success she enjoys now.

Being rooted to survival instead of other childlike curiosity had its drawbacks, but it also gave her the mental fortitude to expand her psychology. Coupled with her mother’s love of exploring different cultures and encouraging Devi to do the same, what grew from the seed of Devi’s youth is a blossom of personal and spiritual strength.

“So much of what makes me me, could only have been created if the ground that I grew from is this circumstance,” she shares. “I’m able to connect with people really deeply and really easily. I’m able to be really expressive with my feelings and experiences. A lot of that [comes from] the structure of being raised by a single parent.”

From her beginning to her present, how did her professional path flourish into what is today?

“Initially, I started my career in radio and in TV and I worked in that space for about 15 years. I hosted radio shows nationally, I was interviewing different people. I was really, at that time especially, connected to music and the storytelling and kind of that ancestral connection of sharing one’s experiences in a way that’s memorable and re-shared and re-shared. So I’ve always been led by my curiosity, but the underlying part of that was: I’ve always been a seeker. I’m really connected to being a lifetime student. I’m fascinated by the way that we heal and by the way that we are either able to or unable to, for a multitude of reasons, show up for ourselves.”

What does it mean to truly show up for oneself? The concept is simple to some, and perplexing for others. In a time where introspection has become commonplace through means of self-quarantine, purposeful thinking and mindful self-affirmation are more important than ever.

“The more I got connected to that work [of showing up for oneself] especially in learning meditation about 10 years ago and it radically transformed my life,” she details. Before the “big boom” of wellness culture, Devi was fielding calls from the radio request line not asking for a song, but instead seeking the same peaceful presence she was emitting through the airwaves. She has a unique and calming energy that naturally attracts others hoping to adopt the same.

It soon became clear to her that she was meant for something more.

“I just said, ‘You know, I love what I do but I think my deeper calling is to use my voice in service of sharing this information,’” she remembers. “And so I pivoted and I switched. Now I have the amazing opportunity to work with the guru that changed my life. I’m the Chief Impact Officer for Deepak Chopra’s company, Chopra Global. I have the privilege of being able to teach women and men from all over the world meditation and spiritual gifts every single day, also in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s been a really incredible ride thus far!”

In the interview, Brian points out the impact of spending time with Devi.

“You just have this healing presence,” the host describes. “This calm.”

So many people in news and public life seem to emit anger or stress, but not our guest. The opposite of divisive, Devi and her work focuses on unification – both with self and community.

Confronting what we believe and why is homework we should all be doing as global citizens, to ensure a better world and society. Introspection is key to completing this task, explains Devi.

From showing up to challenging experiences to walking the path of a seeker, tune in to this week’s episode of the More Hustle podcast to partake in Devi’s spiritual insights, powerful life advice and familiar story on how she hustled despite her given obstacles to become the powerful present woman she is today. Listen to the More Hustle podcast here: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio or wherever you consume your podcasts.

Learn more about Devi Brown, visit her website DeviBrown.com, follow her on Instagram @devibrown and @karmabliss, or check out her podcast @droppinggemspod.

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