Sure, when your formerly inexpensive and sleepy neighborhood becomes a hipster haven, you get the obligatory American Apparel and better quality coffee. Plus, beautiful people who take hours trying to make themselves look greasy. But there's downsides: Lots of new development and everything that goes with it — traffic, noise, and worst of all, people.

Tonight the Echo Park neighborhood council will hear about a proposed 64-unit residential development, and what Eastsider LA charmingly calls a “150-seat supper club.” The Weekly will be at the meeting to see what residents have to say. Some more details, plus the latest on the fight over a proposed trucking school in Lopez Canyon, after the jump.

Eastsider LA also reports that El Camino has begun construction at the former Studio One and is using a state enterprise zone exemption to reduce parking the city would normally require. El Camino is planning on live music and an outdoor dining space. Some neighbors are displeased. Again, we'll be at tonight's meeting and have more details tomorrow.

Up north near Lopez Canyon, all eyes are on tomorrow's city council meeting. They'll consider accepting or denying an appeal of the Community Alliance for Open Space, which is opposing a truck driving school on open space on the now closed Lopez Canyon Landfill.

Hat tip to Mayor Sam's Sister City, which is all over this story. Open space advocates fear the precedent. The mayor and Council member Richard Alarcon favor the project for its economic development and jobs potential.

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