Detroit Cobras Pay Tribute to Rachel Nagy: When Rachel Nagy, vocalist with the Detroit Cobras, died in January of last year, it shook the rock & roll world. She was young, in her prime, and those that knew her loved her. Those that only knew her music loved her for that. It was and is a tragedy.

This week, the band will be completed by Marcus Durant of Zen Guerrilla and recently of Wayne Kramer’s MC50, as they perform a tribute to Nagy at Zebulon.

A statement posted on the Zebulon website by guitarist Mary Cobra reads: “I first crossed paths with Marcus Durant, former lead singer of Zen Guerilla, in 2018. My band (The Detroit Cobras) was opening for Wayne Kramer’s MC50, an anniversary celebration of the MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams”. Marcus was handling lead vocals for MC50, honoring former front man, Rob Tyner, with intense performances that went beyond an imitation, or a vocal impersonation. It came from a deeper place and that certainly caught my attention. As a teenager I had the pleasure of working with Tyner and saw more than a passing similarity in Marcus’ vocal approach. Stepping into another singer’s shoes and staying true to yourself is just as hard as it sounds. But Marcus had dedication, passion, and an uncanny ability to connect with the audience. Rachel Nagy, of the Detroit Cobras, was an equally impressive vocalist and the two admired each other’s delivery and stage presence.”

“Rachel Nagy tragically passed away last year and much like losing Rob Tyner, this loss was a heavy one…not just for Detroiters, but for music fans all around the world. When talk eventually turned to a possible memorial concert, Marcus offered his services and he handled it with grace and power. A new dynamic was born and we’ve decided to take this celebration of Rachel to the people. Rest in Power, Rachel Nagy!”

Detroit Cobras Pay Tribute to Rachel Nagy: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Thursday, February 16 at Zebulon.

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