The LA Weekly's annual Detour Festival, which over the past three years has brought to downtown Los Angeles Basement Jaxx, Beck, Justice, Cut Copy, Gogol Bordello, the Mars Volta, Hercules and Love Affair, and dozens of other bands and DJs, is on hiatus. As in: there isn't going to be one this year.

Call it festival fatigue. Blame the economy, the industry, the biz, the Powers That Be, the health care system, or the glut of afternoon-into-evening music events.

There are rumblings, however, of a different kind of musical event for the fall, to take place one of the city's gorgeous open-air facilities. If the upstairs whispers are true — and this is just rumor at this point — the event would make for a glorious triple-epiphany of an evening.

Here's one thing you missed.

We'll keep you posted on details. The word that was stressed when West Coast Sound received news of Detour's status was hiatus. As in: this is no End of Detour kind of thing. We're just holding our proverbial horses on it for now.

That out of the way, we can now endorse the Eagle Rock Music Festival as the place to be on Saturday, October 3.

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