Officially — and that's the key word here — only about 100 pot shops in L.A. are supposed to eventually survive. That's what would remain from about 550 or so that existed in the city last year. The dispensaries, eligible to stay only if they were opened before a failed, 2007 “moratorium,” will be chosen from a lottery. The City Attorney's office in spring told 141 others they won't even be eligible for that lottery — that they need to close immediately.

So what do marijuana entrepreneurs do in L.A? They open more shops, of course:

Patch is reporting that three new dispensaries have opened to serve the fine medicinal aficionados of Studio City and North Hollywood.

There's a word for this: Balls.

Not only are new shops not supposed to be opening, ones that weren't around before the 2007 moratorium are supposed to be closing down.

But, hey, there's a lot of cash to be had in this so-called nonprofit business.


Patch also discovered 15 shops in North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and Toluca Lake the city did not send letters to because the city did not seem to know they existed …

This is clearly a game of cat and mouse. But with bongs.


LA Weekly