Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been sentenced, Friday, to 270 months, or 22.5 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd.

The sentence applies to the first count of second-degree murder, and the other two counts were not adjudicated since they were “lesser offenses,” according to judge Peter Cahill.

Judge Cahill added that the sentence adds 10 years to the recommended 150 month sentencing, citing Chauvin’s “abuse of a position of trust and authority.”

“What the sentence is not based on, is emotion or sympathy, but at the same time I want to acknowledge the deep and tremendous pain that the families are feeling, especially the Floyd family,” Judge Cahill said. “I am not basing it on any attempt to send any messages. The job of a court judge is to apply the law to specific facts and to deal with individual cases.”

Chauvin was found guilty of two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter in the death of George Floyd on April 20, as the jury deliberated on the May 25, 2020 incident involving the two men and additional Minneapolis police officers.

Cahill did not go on record with his full analysis, but it was fully written in a 22-page memorandum that is attached to the sentencing order.

Derek Chauvin Speaks

Derek Chauvin had the opportunity to speak for the first time since the incident with George Floyd. Before the sentencing, Chauvin said he could not give a full statement but wanted to send his, “condolences to the Floyd family.”

Chauvin added that there would be some “information of interest” in the future that would give the family “some peace of mind.”

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chapter of Black Lives Matter spoke on the sentencing, saying on Twitter, “We are abolitionists, but as long as there are prisons, #DerekChauvin should rot in one of them.”

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