LASD deputies are being investigated for a Santa Clarita incident, after a call was put in for felony assault, according to Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

An on-scene video was posted by Tammi Collins this Saturday, who said she was the mother of one of the teens involved. The video showed deputies draw their weapons and detain a group of teens who were allegedly attacked by a man with a knife.


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In the video’s caption, Collins wrote that the group was attacked by a man who “asked them if they had any crack.” She went on to write that the man got more aggressive, pulled out a knife and the group attempted to use their skateboards to ward off the man.

“How will I help my son recover from this,” Collins said. “This is something my son and his friends will never forget. I’m still wonder how will I ever help my son recover from this traumatic experience.”

She added that multiple onlookers called 911, with one call from a local Buffalo Wild Wings Manager, allegedly for “two black kids attacking a homeless man.”

That is allegedly the call that deputies in the video were responding to, as one deputy could be heard saying, “We’re on another call for service where someone was hit with a skateboard. These three gentlemen were described in the call for service.”

Sheriff Villanueva responded to the video Monday, saying that he was concerned for some of the “tactics employed” and that the incident is being investigated.

“I have seen the recent video involving Santa Clarita Deputies and I have concerns regarding the tactics employed,” Villanueva said. “A call for service was received regarding a felony assault and the deputies detained those alleged to be involved. The matter is being investigated & we will provide updates as they become available.”


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All three boys were compliant in the detainment process and there were no reported injuries during the incident.

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