Remember that Demon Skin Rug (by artist Melita Curphy, a.k.a. Miss Monster)? The one that made the Internet rounds a while back? The freaky rug turned one year old this year.

Style Council: So, where is the Demon Skin Rug now?

Melita Curphy: The rug lives on a huge four foot tall wood and glass snake cage that houses my six foot boa constrictor. The cage has a Victorian curiosity cabinet feel. The rug looks great draped over the top.

SC: If someone falls asleep on the Demon Skin Rug, do they get possessed by the demon?

Curphy: Yes, it's horrible! They tear up my house and drink all the whiskey and I have to call an exorcist. It's so annoying.

SC: What happens if someone has sex on the Demon Skin Rug? Do they become evil? Does the rug improve the sex?

Curphy: Haha, well it has yet to happen but they'd better be real careful where they face their ass or else someone might end up with a horn in a place they might not want one… ( or maybe they do!)

SC: How many people inquired about the Demon Rug? And what sorts of things did they ask you?

Curphy: When I first posted it online, I had a lot of emails from people that really loved it which was great. One person commissioned me to make them a custom rug, others asked if they could buy it via monthly payments which I never heard back about. Somehow I was lucky enough not to get any super bizarre questions which is a huge surprise since I get very strange questions about almost everything else I make.

SC: Is it a real bear with custom-made horns? 

Curphy: No! Bear pelts are far too expensive to use, at least too expensive for me. I actually made the pelt bit out of fake fur which i sewed together to make the animal shape. When i bought the fur, it was a pale grey which looked boring and fake so i airbrushed the dark patterns on to it with leather dyes. It was great fun! The face is all sculpted from scratch myself though i did use a foam taxidermy bear rug form for a base to work off of. The foam bear face was ground off and then built back up into the demon face/teeth with epoxy clay which, when cured, is very durable…but heavy! The horns are also epoxy clay.

SC: Would you sell it? If so, for how much?

Curphy:  I haven't sold it yet but it's up in

my online store for $3000 plus shipping. I don't really want to sell him since so much time, money and toil went into it but for that price I can suck it up and deal.

Did someone call an exorcist?

Did someone call an exorcist?

SC: Did you consider manufacturing these rugs on a large scale and selling them?

Curphy: I'm working on a smaller version that will have cast plastic parts instead of having to hand sculpt every detail from epoxy clay. They will still take a large amount of work to finish but being able to easily make copies of the faces/horns will cut down drastically on retail cost, weight and durability. The new ones will be around 3-4 feet long, could work draped on the back of one's couch for that occult-Victorian explorer living room look. I'm hoping to have the smaller versions in my online shop sometime in late April or May.

SC: What is the demon's name? And what are its powers?

Curphy: He's still unnamed but I'm open to suggestions! He has the power to trip people with his overly long horns and annoy prudish inlaws.

SC: Did you consider making other demon home décor items? Demon kitchen table? Demon armchair? Demon sofa?

Curphy: Ha, I love the idea for a demon sofa! I picture it designed so you are sitting in his lap or hugged in his arms, a big furry couch. I'd also love to design demonic faucets for a sink…the water would vomit out like a gargoyle water spout.

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