Democratizing Fashion: Unraveling the Inspirational Origin Story of POLO HILL

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A young visionary named Kenny embarked on a transformative journey, defying all odds and shaping the fashion landscape. Hailing from Malaysia, Kenny discovered his passion for handbag craftsmanship during his high school days, immersing himself in the world of handbag production at a local factory. There, he honed his skills, mastering the art of creating fashionable. After leaving high school, Kenny ventured to Australia, where he worked in a restaurant during the day while dedicating his evenings to spectating the mesmerizing sport of Polo. This immersive experience not only deepened his appreciation for the elegance and intricacies of Polo but also fueled his unwavering passion for the artistry embedded within.

Following his ventures in Australia, the determined founder relocated to Singapore, where he immersed himself in the dynamic fashion industry. However, in 1997, as the Asian Financial Crisis happened, his employer ceased its operations, forcing Kenny to confront an uncertain future. Undeterred by adversity, he turned this setback into a defining moment of opportunity. Fueled by resilience and armed with a passion for both Polo and the art of handbag crafting, he fearlessly launched his own fashion brand, POLO HILL. Through POLO HILL, he aimed to make quality handbags accessible, mirroring the spirit of Polo, a sport historically associated with royalty but now brought within reach of all.

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Now available internationally in multiple countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand, the POLO HILL brand offers an extensive line of trend-setting handbags and shoes to suit all occasions. Whether dressing for a casual get together with friends or a high-stakes business meeting, this signature brand offers the perfect accessories to compliment any outfit. Made with premium materials, the range features clean and contemporary lines, innovative designs and an assortment of colour combinations from which to choose.

With a nod to functionality, accessories and shoes are thoughtfully designed to offer more to the customer than just aesthetic appeal. The POLO HILL line of handbags and wallets provide a stylish twist to everyday accessories, with backpacks and shoulder totes that allow freedom of movement and women’s purses available in a variety of sizes to fit seamlessly into different lifestyles. Footwear for men and women also forms a substantial part of the line, with shoe styles ranging from petite ballet flats and elegant slip-ons to bold boat shoes and comfortable loafers.

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Guaranteed to elevate any outfit, the line allows consumers to partake in fashion-forward accessorising without breaking the bank. Taking inspiration from the way that the previously exclusive Polo sport has now been largely democratized, POLO HILL operates under the philosophy that fashion should be accessible to all who embrace their personal style, and not just to those who can afford expensive designer pieces. Believing that personal style often forms part of a person’s identity, the brand actively encourages consumers to embrace and enhance their everyday fashion habits by acquiring signature items to complete their expressions of personal taste.

Meticulously crafted with discerning taste, POLO HILL’s logo incorporates bold Polo imagery as an homage to the sport that inspired the line as well as a green hue reminiscent of the grass field associated with the sport. The brand’s inspiration is crystal clear as it seeks to establish a firm footprint in Asia’s retail fashion sector. As POLO HILL continues to grow forward, the Singapore-based brand expects to see further international expansion, with loyal fans around the globe anticipating exciting  new designs in the near future.

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