A North Hollywood personal trainer who called himself Dejon “Danger” Miller has been in jail since the middle of December for allegedly torturing, beating and sexually/emotionally abusing at least two women he met on Craigslist. (The suspect's real middle name is Allan; not quite as sexy.)

Detective Brandy Azarte at the LAPD's North Hollywood Station tells the Weekly that Miller would post “fitness model” recruitment ads on Craigslist and other sites.

One victim told the police that Miller was asking for…

… “young single hot females” in his Craigslist ad, and required all applicants to send in photos.

Once the women applied for employment, Miller would allegedly form romantic relationships with them. But those relationships soon turned abusive, says Detective Azarte.

“There was some very severe physical abuse, some sexual abuse, and severe emotional abuse,” she says.

Because of the ongoing investigation, the detective can't get into specifics, but she does add:

“The thing that we found in common was the way he would perform the beatings, and some of the techniques he used to torture the girls.”

In December, Miller was charged with attempted murder, false imprisonment and spousal abuse. He's being held under $1.3 million bail. (“I don't believe he will post it,” says Azarte.) He had his first court appearance on March 28.

The reason police are just announcing the arrest now is that they're hoping more women will come forward.

“We're thinking there could be additional victims, based on the severity of the incidents that took place,” says Azarte.

Miller poses with 33 different women in a MySpace album called “Some of the many women I've trained.” And the rest of the Internet is littered with traces of Miller's recruitment tactics:

He called his models “Danger's Angels” and dressed them up in spandex to promote his brand. In this YouTube video, they waltz around North Hollywood with “Sexy is back!” — Miller's slogan — plastered across the back of their pants.

He was also interviewed by KTLA with his bikini-clad entourage at the Erotica LA Expo.

On www.e2fit.com, the suspect's main website, he describes himself as a “personal trainer” and “fitness motivator.” More from the bio section:

With over 15 years experience in fitness, dance and sports, I can use my knowledge to help you get YOUR BEST BODY NOW!

As a trainer, I like to keep things professional, realistic and a lil' funky at the same time – which you'll notice by my tattoos, many body piercings!

“He probably really did train girls,” says LAPD Detective Azarte. Police believe most of that training “was done at various parks and recreational centers.”

However, the alleged torture would occur in private, after he formed a closer bond with his victims.

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