Enough, Chicken Charlie. You have crossed all lines of good taste and common decency with deep-fried cereal.

Charlie Boghosian, aka Chicken Charlie, is the evil mastermind responsible for the arterial onslaught at fairs throughout Southern California over the last few years. He started with deep-fried Oreos, and by last summer many believed he had reached the pinnacle of culinary absurdity with his deep-fried Kool Aid.

But this paragon of greasy grossness has just debuted deep-fried Trix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the San Diego Fair, and will be bringing them to the Orange and L.A. county fairs later this summer, ABC News reports. A handful of cereal is dipped in batter, dunked in a vat of scalding hot fat, then doused with syrup and a sprinkling of more cereal. The reviews so far have been lukewarm, calling the concoction a “doughy ball of greasy cereal” and noting “the pool of grease in the bottom of the basket.”

Owner of Chicken Charlie's, Boghosian serves everything from deep-fried PB&J's to deep-fried Girl Scout cookies on his menu, as well as frog legs, chicken kabobs, zucchini nachos and waffles.

The San Diego Fair goes through July 4. Chicken Charlie will be bringing his deep-fried goodies to the Los Angeles County Fair at the end of August.

Unless he is stopped.

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