Dear Stoner: I hate dry pot. My roommate says he puts his on the bathroom counter, turns the shower on hot and lets the steam bring it back to life. Thoughts?

Dear Monte: Few things are worse than pinching a bud and seeing it crumble to dust — as so many of your dreams have. But cheer up: We’re here to help. First, dump whoever is selling you withered pot. This isn’t Kansas; there are plenty of people selling healthy weed in California. If you need to resuscitate some dying nugs, though, don’t use the shower method. It’s not a bad idea in theory, but I’ve heard stories of mold appearing after this procedure. Besides, there are other options that use much less water.

Skin your favorite citrus and put a few of the peels in a jar (no bags) with the dry herb for a day, shaking the jar every few hours and burping it for fresh air. Or substitute slices of bread, lettuce leaves or tortillas for the citrus; they’ll do the same trick and won’t add a fruity flavor. You should only need a little of whatever you’re using; check the buds frequently to make sure they’re not getting too wet. My favorite method is to throw one or two fresh, damp buds in with the dry ones and let them spread the moisture.
Keep trying until you find a system that works for you.

Dear Stoner: What are some ways to puff during the day without making my room smell like a ganja bomb? The A/C is on, and I don’t want to open the windows until it cools down outside. P.S.: I swear I’m not at my mom’s.

Dear Dre: Anyone who has seen Next Friday has probably tried blowing smoke into a vacuum for shits and gigs. As much as I’d like to say it works, it doesn’t. Most tokers know that the classic way to sneak a hit or two in closed quarters is with the smoke buddy: a toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet wrapped around the end. It won’t cover the smell enough to go unnoticed in a room with zero ventilation, but you won’t need a window open much longer than it takes to blow the smoke out — unless wind is blowing the air inside, in which case you’re fucked.

Vaporizing herb, dabbing and hitting vape pens are all ways to consume that smell much less potent or create smells that stick around for a shorter time than smoking. So you could try one of those, or just buck up and deal with the heat — it’s 120 in Arizona right now, but you don’t hear them complaining. 

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