We're sick of writing about Dead Man's Bones. We've covered them non-stop over the past few months, at least a post a week on a band that only has one album out. But despite the band's lineage, any budding musician looking for publicity would be wise to study their methods. First, become famous as a child star. Then, with great dexterity and gymnastic thrills, successfully transition into adult film acting. Get nominated for an Oscar. Then start a band.

If that's too much, at least pay attention to what they've done after the “start a band” step. Hire an all-children's choir. Find an odd place to do a residency. Don't let photographers in; you have to offer some mystery. Unveil a few songs, and shoot some quality YouTube clips.

Gradually build a buzz. Sign to a high-profile indie. Drop a few more smart YouTube clips. Announce a tour, and accompany that with a “talent show” for fans.

Note: watch carefully while Gosling holds the sign with tour dates. The final two shows of the tour will be at the Echo on October 30 and October 31. (The band apparently moved the shows from the Regent Theater downtown, where they were supposed to perform.) Now that's a Halloween party we wanna be at.

This will be the last post on Dead Man's Bones until those Halloween shows. Promise. Maybe.

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