It's official: Jay-Z and Beyonce loooooooove Thom Yorke's difficult solo material.

Coachella audience members to the right of the Outdoors Theater soundboard waiting for Thom Yorke to start his set of material from his solo album The Eraser were treated to a very unusual sight: a couple of security guards started making a path between the side fence and the soundboard tower and suddenly, to everyone's surprise, the extremely recognizable face of Jay-Z started making its way towards the tower, followed by a small entourage including a cloaked Beyonce who was filming the crowd with a small videocamera.

Jay-Z (wearing a military-style hat) was extremely visible sitting on the tower throughout 90 % of Yorker's set (they left during the encore). He was bopping like a fan to the funky ululations of Yorke and the heavy basslines courtesy of bandmember Flea. Occasionally he would chit-chat with Beyonce, and they were both smiling at Yorke's performance like your average affluent urban hipster.

At some point, a box of stuff was delivered to the soundboard tower and someone yelled out “That's 'Hova Service' for ya!”

Stars–they nerd out over Thom Yorke just like us!

"Wait... Was that Jay-Z?" "Damn right it was!"; Credit: Gustavo Turner

“Wait… Was that Jay-Z?” “Damn right it was!”; Credit: Gustavo Turner

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