Are your friends witty storytellers prone to whipping off spontaneous and uproarious narratives on any occasion? Mine neither. Thankfully, we have comic performers Melinda Hill and Laura House (pictured) hosting a new show called Storytime, featuring their “fancy, famous” friends reading stories, scripts and the like. This month it's Liz Feldman, Chrissy Haberman, Carlos Kotkin, Stirling Gardner, and other guest readers. Says Hill and House — who only speak as a pair now, “It feels like a fantastic party where accomplished artists start telling you their wildest secrets.” Ms. Feldman tips us off to the story she'll be reading: “I will only say that my story involves the time I met Tony Clifton at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Unless my mom comes to the show, in which case, I'll tell the story about the time I brushed my teeth with lube because my parents left it right next to the toothpaste on the sink.” Feldman, you may recall, wrote an unforgettably hilarious treatise on her experiences taking improv comedy classes at the Groundlings for the short-lived L.A. Innuendo. If anyone has a copy, I will trade you some really crappy books and CDs for it.

Last Friday of every month, 8 p.m., 2010

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