If you are the sort of person whose bookshelves are stacked with cookbooks written (a relative term these days) by fancy New York chefs, the volumes of titles bearing the names of folks like Eric Ripert and Andrew Carmellini and David Chang, and you've kind of wondered where all the L.A. chefs are, then you might want to read today's feature food story.

Laurie Winer writes about the coastal divide in the world of cookbook publishing, through the lens of an anonymous L.A. chef (20 guesses on that one) and of chef David Myers, who currently runs Comme Ça, Pizzeria Ortica and a restaurant in Tokyo, and whose previous restaurant Sona is still lamented. Myers has been busy lately, working on a new Los Angeles restaurant and, yes, a cookbook. Read the story. And check back later for a few recipes from the coming book.

LA Weekly